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Name: Liv
Age: 23
youtube: DannyPhantomSG1
fanfiction: Danny Phantom SG-1

Fandoms: Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Disney, Generator Rex,
Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls

Ships: TOKKA, Zukaang, Maiko, [Toko], Borra, Techno Smarts, Gray Ghost, [Amethyst Ocean], Circex, [Holix], Disney canon

A video I made a long time ago of David Kaufman saying my username (granted, it is shortened on tumblr, but in general, this is my username).

Probably the best moment of my life when I realized I could do this.

Although I had to slow him down for “SG-1.” Oh man.  Now I have to go watch this Stargate episode again.

Because I never liked it much.  Until I realized IT’S DANNY PHANTOM ON STARGATE SG-1.

What is more perfect for me?